Quick Fix Plus Pro Belt Kit

Description: Belt preloaded with 4oz of Quick Fix synthetic urine, the best fake pee on the market. Reusable urine pouch; refill it with more Quick Fix synthetic urine! Perfect for pranks or when simulating fetish-type situations with your partner.


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Directions For Use:

1. Heat the belt

Remove Quick Fix belt from box. Make sure both clamps remain closed to prevent leakage. Microwave for 10 seconds. Allow the belt to sit and wait for the temperature strip to activate a green dot between 94° – 100°. Black indicates the plastic bladder has been overheated. Allow to cool until green dot appears between 94° – 100°.

  • Do NOT overheat. The plastic bladder will melt.
2. Apply heating pad

Open the heating pad. Shake for 5 seconds. Peel backing off and stick it to the plastic bladder on the same side as the temperature strip. Do NOT cover the temperature strip. This will maintain the temperature for up to 8 hours.

3. (Alternate Method) Heat belt with heating pad

If a microwave is unavailable, heat the plastic bladder by attaching the heat pack 1+ hours before use.

4. Put on the universal sized belt

Make sure the temperature strip is facing away from the body prior to use.

Weight 7.52 oz
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